How in the Google Analytics 4, Do I Track a Conversion!?

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How To Track a Thank You Page in Google Analytics 4

Data is the language of user behavior. 

It is the key that opens a door into the mind of the people behind our businesses. Our data can show the influence of our online presence, our brands, and our current marketing tactics. While there are other data analytics programs on the market, today we are only diving into Google Analytics 4. 

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A Step by Step Guide:

Quickly after entering the wheelhouse of digital analytics, mastering conversions is crucial

when understanding and ideally optimizing the performance of your online presence.

Google Analytics 4 or GA4, offers amazing tools for tracking and analyzing conversions,

which translate as valuable insights into behavior. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk

you through the process of configuring custom conversions in GA4, focusing on a textbook

goal: tracking users viewing a thank you page after completing a form.

Source: Loves Data

View Existing Events:

To begin, voyage to the ‘Reports’ section, select ‘Engagement,’ and then click on ‘Events’ in

your GA4 property. Here, you’ll find a list of events collected within the selected date range,

including page views, purchases, scrolls, and more. Ensuring you have the right

permissions, you can mark events as conversions enabling GA4 to count them in your


Source: Loves Data

Enabling Conversions

To mark events as conversions, head to ‘Admin,’ click on ‘Events’ in the property column,

and review the events collected. You can see which events have been marked as

conversions by checking the column on the right. If you have edit-level permission, you can

enable an event as a conversion here with a simple click.

Page-Related Conversions in GA4

For page-based conversions, like tracking a thank you page, two options exist. Firstly,

create a new event inside Google Analytics based on an existing event. Secondly, configure

a new tag in Google Tag Manager to send an event every time the thank you page is viewed.

Today we’ll focus on the first option, giving an example of how to trigger a new event in

GA4 based on a thank you page view.

Source: Loves Data

Creating New Events

Under ‘Create Event,’ give your new event a name, configure conditions (e.g., triggering on

‘page_view’ events with a URL containing ‘thank you’), and add optional parameters. These

parameters allow you to assign a value to each conversion, providing flexibility in reporting.

Source: Loves Data

GA4 Conversion Reports

Navigate to ‘Reports,’ selecting ‘Engagement,’ and then ‘Conversions.’ Here you can view

details of individual conversion events, understand default channel groups, and analyze the

performance of various marketing channels.


Mastering conversions in GA4 is paramount to understanding user behavior and optimizing

your online performance. For those who prefer configuring events directly in GA4, this

guide provides a step by step walkthrough to help your data analytics inform decisions and

enhance your capabilities. Start your journey towards mastering conversions and unlocking

the full potential of GA4 for your business.

Special thanks to the delightful Aussie who informed this article!

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